Daughters of Icarus.

Author:Fleischer, Jeff
Position:Book review

Josie Brown (editor); DAUGHTERS OF ICARUS; Pink Narcissus Press (Fiction: Science Fiction) 17.00 ISBN: 9781939056009

Byline: Jeff Fleischer

The challenge of putting together a short-story anthology is giving readers enough variety of styles and voices while still finding stories that fit comfortably with one another. Daughters of Icarusis a diverse collection of speculative fiction, with some stories that fit squarely into fantasy or science fiction and others that effectively blur those lines. The broad common theme that holds the collection together is the notion of a feminist approach to the genres. Some selections achieve that just through a female protagonist, while others raise serious questions about gender roles in their futuristic or otherworldly settings.

Daughters of Icarus contains twenty-eight stories within those wide parameters, and there's a range of topics, quality, and writing styles, with something for most everyone. A few of the best stories in the book make instant impressions and demonstrate the collection's variety. For example, A.J. Fitzwater's excellent "Me Myself I" features a protagonist who comes across a coffee shop named after her and learns that it's a place where she can interact with all the possible outcomes of her life. She can even make return trips to "meet" these different versions and contemplate the results of her choices.

In "Two Rivers," by Therese Arkenberg, researchers travel to a planet to study people whose unusual characteristics include a third...

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