DataStax has debuted DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8. DSE 6.8 adds new capabilities for enterprises to advance bare-metal performance, support more workloads, and enhance developer and operator experiences with Kubernetes.

Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DSE is the scale-out data infrastructure for enterprises that need to handle any workload on-premises and in any cloud on a continuously available, active-everywhere data platform.

New features in DSE 6.8 include:

- Kubernetes operator Following last week's open- source Kubernetes operator release, DSE 6.8 enables data sharing between containers for data managed with DSE. Enterprises can now benefit from a robust integration of a Management API and Kubernetes tooling that experienced operators rely on. Users can start, stop, recover, scale, and back up DSE nodes through Kubernetes, simplifying cloud-native application development and deployment.

- Faster scale-out With DSE 6.8, there's a new optimization feature aimed at significantly reducing the amount of time it takes Cassandra to scale-out during peak periods of demand or perform business continuity tasks. This optimization feature is called Zero Copy Streaming. Node addition, removal, and recovery is now up to 4x faster.

- Graph engine With DSE 6.8, graph data models are now implemented as native Cassandra data models, with up to a 10x performance improvement. Users can now write to Cassandra and query it in real-time using the Gremlin traversal language. Developers can now build multi-model applications with joins, matching, and traversals over...

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