Datalogics has debuted Forms Extension for the Adobe PDF Library SDK. The Forms Extension module, offered as an add- on to the Adobe PDF Library (APDFL), allows applications built using the Adobe PDF Library to work with PDF AcroForms and XFA (both static and dynamic XFA) forms documents. When you install the Forms Extension, it becomes a seamless part of the Adobe PDF Library and extends the compatibility and functions available in Adobe Acrobat to server-based forms document workflows.

As a leader in PDF technology, we knew that there has been a lot of pent up interest in managing PDF forms and we needed to create a product that would take working with digital forms to the next level, said Kevin McNeill, CEO of Datalogics. We are very excited to offer this powerful add-on to our most popular product, the Adobe PDF Library.

With Forms Extension, users can quickly generate, distribute, and process PDF forms in large volumes and users aren't limited to manipulating one document at a time. Moreover, with the Forms Extension and APDFL, it's easy to export the data from PDF form documents to XML or other types of storage files. After collecting the responses to hundreds or thousands of forms or surveys, that data can be imported into a database, where users can study and manipulate it as they wish.

We heard our customers' frustrations around their outdated forms technology and...

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