Tokutek and Datadog are partnering to integrate their products and to offer new monitoring and analysis capabilities for Tokutek high-performance database solutions, TokuMX and TokuDB. The integration is available for TokuMX and support for TokuDB.

The companies collaborated in order to offer TokuMX users an enterprise-grade, first-class extensible monitoring, analysis, alerting, and reporting framework that provides immediate, actionable insights into their big data application's performance.

The integration between TokuMX and Datadog enables us to more easily visualize and tune our application and the supporting infrastructure to optimize overall performance, said Ankur Chauhan, senior software engineer, Brightcove. That's a time and work saver for anyone who is building and deploying big data applications.

The integration of TokuMX with Datadog enables TokuMX users to monitor typical performance metrics, such as opcounter rates, connections, open cursors and replication metrics. Key TokuMX metrics and sample metric visualizations provided within Datadog include:

Opcounters tracks dips or spikes that might indicate a problem with the servers or increased traffic that might require action;

Replication Lag indicates lag in seconds for each secondary and shows a heatmap illustrating the distribution of lag in a cluster at all times;

Cachetable Utilization and Storage Size follows resident memory used by all TokuMX servers, as well as the amount of storage used by each individual collection;

TokuMX Dashboard provides out-of-the-box advanced visualization for key metrics to determine cluster health;

Customized Data Capabilities enables users to choose how to display TokuMX metrics.

With Datadog, users are able to go back into the data and understand when and how degradation occurs. They can trace the problem all the way back to a single MongoDB call, said Alexis Le-Quoc, CTO & Co-Founder, Datadog. Datadog takes care of the complex task of managing a...

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