Data management.

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SGP International Inc., a developer of departmental data reconciliation and custom designed data management solutions, has released DataCheck, a data integrity assurance system that assists financial organizations in reconciling data through a simple, positive query system. DataCheck accomplishes tedious tasks and creates an efficient, accurate and consistent knowledge base of corporate information in a matter of minutes, the company says.

"DataCheck successfully minimizes the task of finding inconsistencies and leaves the user to concentrate on resolving issues," said Evan Brodie, president and founder of New York City-based SGP. "It allows the user to focus on the end-results rather than on the data."

DataCheck is designed to help financial organizations address the challenges of synchronizing data and ensuring the integrity of data stored in diverse databases and file formats. The data reconciliation process can be time-consuming and error-prone, whether an organization uses a middleware solution to move records from a front-office system to a back-office system or manually re-enters the data into different systems. DataCheck complements either of these methods.

A DataCheck user simply applies positive criteria for valid records against the data...

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