Data Driven: How Crowley's Innovative Technology Moves the Defense Supply Chain.

Author:Romeo, Jim

In March 2019, General Stephen R. Lyons, Commander, US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), addressed the Senate Armed Services Committee by framing the immensity of moving the supply chain of the US Department of Defense (DOD).

"The department's global deployment networks, transportation capacity in air, on land, and over the sea, and our global command and control capabilities, combine to provide the United States with a strategic comparative advantage unmatched around the world," he stated.

Lyons' statements underscore the heightened importance of logistics management to move the supply chain that supports the warfighter--directly and indirectly. But meeting this demand requires strategic partners who share their mission and their objectives.

With the assistance of data science, associated technological strength, and a long history of logistics solutions, Crowley has firmly established itself as one of those like-minded partners. The company's capability to integrate systems with flexibility to adapt to partners and carriers has resulted in job performance that meets or exceeds on-time standards of 99 percent. That high capability enhances the DOD supply chain to support the depth of global reach that defense leaders and USTRANSCOM require.


In 2017, Crowley was awarded the $2.3 billion Defense Freight Transportation (DFTS) contract by USTRANSCOM. The contract is one of the largest logistics contracts of its kind ever awarded. It requires careful planning to manage a complex network of moving goods and an enormous volume of cargo in the aggregate. Every day, cargo managed by the Crowley Solutions business unit move among material suppliers, 29 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sites, and nine Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) sites in North America.

The cargo descriptions are many. Their load-outs include less-than-truckload (LTL), full-truckload (FTL), time-definite, refrigerated cargo, as well as many other types via different transport modes. The company has built a de facto "Supply Chain 4.0" for DOD with transportation services used in rapid response, load optimization, improved visibility, better control, coordination of customs documentation, and many other services. They've become a catalyst to move the freight, to and from various facilities and distribution centers within the Department of Defense and US military installations.


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