Daswani, Kavita. The village bride of Beverly Hills.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

DASWANI, Kavita. The village bride of Beverly Hills. Penguin, Plume. 271 p. c2004.0-452-28656-5. $14.00. SA

This is an enlightening farce. In Dehli, India, Priya agrees to an arranged marriage because the groom is handsome; but this marriage means that within a week of her wedding, she is living in California with strangers (aka her new family). Her husband's family wants a traditional wife for their son, because of course that means the new wife will cook and clean and generally become their servant. Priya can do all this, and is somewhat shocked when her mother-in-law suggests she also find a job to bring in money for the family. She starts work as a receptionist for a Hollywood gossip magazine, and this is the beginning of her double-life. Soon, she is dressing in Western clothes (changing at the local Y so her family think she is going to work in her Indian clothes). Her inherent intelligence and sweetness shine when, as a favor for a reporter friend, she does an interview with a movie star, which turns out to be a big success. Soon, she is promoted to reporter and her double life gets to the farce level. After some months of deception, she tries to be honest with her...

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