Dare to Prepare!, 3d ed.

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Dare To Prepare!, third edition

Holly Drennan Deyo

Deyo Enterprises LLC


9780972768856, $49.75, www.amazon.com

From the Boy Scout slogan of 'Be Prepared' to contemporary survivalist manifestos warning of the need to anticipate and deal with potential disasters of all kinds, the common thread is that bad things can and will happen, and the best way to survive them is to prepare contingency measures accordingly. That's the philosophical basis for Holly Drennan Deyo's "Dare to Prepare!" massive 624-page, profusely illustrated compendium of advice and instruction on how individuals and families can determine what supplies and resources will need to be accessibly stored to weather any and all disasters ranging from the natural to the man-made. More than just a collection of survivalist-oriented acquisition lists and now in a significantly expanded and thoroughly updated third edition, "Dare to Prepare!" covers everything from water issues...

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