DAPs, DADs and DARs: For Retailers and E-Tailers, Librarians and Consumers.

AuthorSchwartz, Eugene
PositionDigital Asset Providers, Digital Asset Distributors, Digital Asset Receivers - Brief article

Work Title: DAPs, DADs and DARs: For Retailers and E-Tailers, Librarians and Consumers

Work Author(s): Eugene Schwartz


Byline: Eugene Schwartz

Digital Asset Providers, Distributors, and Receivers are terms that describe major links in the new "content chain": digital delivery systems bringing digital content to internet portals, librarians, booksellers, and consumers.

The Ingram Digital Group (including Vital Source and MyiLibrary) is an early pioneer, together with Ingram's Lightning Source, among a number of suppliers who are supporting the providers of content (the publishers), and the "receivers" to whom they deliver their products (the online search and e-commerce portals, the booksellers, librarians, and direct to the consumers).

Other familiar vendors in the new space include Baker and Taylor, OverDrive, Ebsco, NetLibrary, eBrary, and BookSurge. Major publishers who have developed their own delivery systems include Random House's Insight, HarperCollins' Browse Inside, and Holtzbrink's Book Store.

The trade organizations tracking the development of format, meta data, and delivery...

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