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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:'Edge' and 'Think Twice' - Book review


Jeffery Deaver

Simon & Schuster

1230 Avenue of the Americans

New York, NY 10020

9781439156353, $26.99, www.simonandschuster.com

I seriously believe I have read most of Jeffery Deaver's novels of crime fiction comparing the reads to my other different favorite genre' authors. He is one of a few consistent authors writing good suspenseful thrillers. His evil antagonist do battle against the protagonists Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. That also would include main characters like his Kathryne Dance, John Pellman, and in The Rune Trilogy. His latest effort would be the first original James Bond novel (Carte Blanche) written in a contemporary setting since Raymond Benson in The Man with the Red Tattoo in 2002. Jeffery Deaver was commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to do this new novel.

Agent Corte known as the shepherd has a mission to protect the Kessler family beginning with police detective Ryan Kessler and his immediate family. Corte works out of a U. S. security organization behind the FBI and CIA that is anonymous dedicated to intelligence surveillance covering the task of citizen protection. Kessler has become the target of Henry Loving, a seasoned ruthless "lifter" or one who uses leverage for his client to obtain or get information for the purpose of his assignment. Loving uses his leverage anyway he canto get the information with any means possible. That includes torture and holding family members at bay if they get into his custody. Corte has a grudge in his past knowledge of Loving where his friend was tortured and captured by him. So these two are involved in a dangerous game of wits and calculated risks. Corte shepherds the Kesslers to a safe house even with resistance from his own agency, to combat the moves from Loving to get them. He uses his sharp investigator Claire duBois, and his long-time buddy Paul Federicks to pinpoint where Kessler triggered his interest from Loving's client.

As the team works hard to keep progressing into the Kessler family to see what happened to put them in the radar of Loving, the family appears to be cracking under the strain of the pressure where the lifter gets closer and closer to them. Corte must decide which avenue to pursue either to protect his charges or expose them to the killer in his own personal agenda of a long awaited revenge on Loving.

Jeffery Deaver has written Twenty-Nine thriller novels to-date and three collections of short stories including the two Twisted and More...

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