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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:The Bone Yard - Damage - Book review

The Bone Yard

Jefferson Bass

William Morrow

c/o Harper Collins

10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

9780061806780, $24.99, www.harpercollins.com

I have been selecting Jefferson Bass 'Body Farm' novels from their very first book Carved in Bone. I hope to finish all of them, as my extensive reading time permits. I usually get copies from the local bookstore, or any available source to make this great read connection. I enjoy the field of forensic science, and this adds additional understanding of these crime solving knowledge.

Angie St. Claire a forensic analyst from the Florida Department of Law Enfoncement visits Dr. Bill Brockton at the Body Farm where he does human-decomposition research at the University of Tennessee. She asks to help prove that her sister's death was not a suicide, but in fact a murder. Brockton's trip to consult on this assistance takes him to a course of discovery of two adolecent skulls ravaged by time and animals .This takes place in the location among the pine and live oaks Florida's panhandle. They prove upon discovery of his team, that the skulls were actually murdered with lethal fractures to them. The end results sends Dr. Brockton, Angie St. Claire, and Special Agent Stu Vickery on a search for the long-lost victims. The quest leads them to the ruins of the North Florida Boys' Reformatory, a nortorious juvenile dentention facility that met a fiery end more than fourty-years ago.


John Lescroart


c/o Penguin Group (USA)

375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

9780525951766, $26.95, www.dutton.com

I have been enjoyed reading my wife's favorite author John Lescroart, and I pick up a copy of his latest novel Damage. My wife places a higher priority time to read his novels. Damage exceeded expectations and further increased my desire to labelling him as one of the 'best authors'.

The Curtlees' are a powerful family in San Francisco, and these unscrupulous billionaires will do anything to protect themselves. This includes their convicted son from doing any additional long-term prison time. Ro Curtlee was convicted of rape and murder a decade ago. The fallout for those who put him there was swift and uncompromising. The jury foreman was fired from his job...

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