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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:Thriller novels - Book review

The Bride Collector

Ted Dekker

Center Street

c/o Hachette Book Group, Inc.

237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

9781599951966 $24.99 www.centerstreet.com

I already have read several of Ted Dekker's novels. I had the pleasure to read his last novel entitled Boneman's Daughters, and this author is now one of my favorite thriller writers. His novel are excellent in depicting high adrenaline-laced plots with amazing battles between good and evil. I am now seeking copies of his earlier novels to read in-between my new copy readings.

A ritualistic serial killer is setting up his victims in a remote setting to leave them propped up in an unusual manner, and they are the most beautiful women he finds all to display for God's love. So far he has left six young women to be found. FBI Brad Raines, and a leading forensic psychologist Nikki Holden seek out the sites to investigate the killings. The only problem is that they are no closer to ending these horrific slayings, and the FBI are always one step behind the killer. Brad is desperate for any additional help, and insight for figuring out the pattern of the rituals. He turns to the Center of Wellness and Intelligence, which is a private home for gifted and mentally ill residents. Allison Johnson, the CWI director, offers her assistance in picking four unlikely resident patients to help solve the case. Raines is focused on one young woman of the group named Paradise. He is attracted and strangely focused with her. She struggles with psychosis, and lack of trust with men due to her own abusive past issues. The two of them are drawn closer and he begins to see world through her eyes. The two of them enter the killer's deadly game as they move in close to his world. The real problem is that the killer known as the Bride Collector by the veil and his placing makeup he puts on his victims. He is also as intelligently gifted as Paradise. The seekers of him are at a disadvantage because this is the Bride Collector's game, and his rules. Paradise learns about how to be beautiful and be loved. She has to work through with her psychotic skills the cat and mouse game played by the Collector. Another member of the group from CWI offers some help too, and it gets the wheels in motion to also closing in on this intelligent perpetrator. The wit and surprising twists keep the reader locked into the end. Raines and Paradise have an equal foe to his every chess move, and quick thinking move.The Collector is that evil...

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