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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:Misery Bay / Buried Prey - Book review

Misery Bay

Steve Hamilton

Minotaur Books

c/o St Martin's Press

175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010

9780312380434, $24.99, www.amazon.com

I first discovered Steve Hamilton after a mystery club selection of A Cold Day in Paradise. I enjoyed the book's rich, compelling and vigorous prose. It had helped kept the mind on high octane with an instant rush of adrenalin. His writings have brought him recognition and awards, but I also like a good mystery, and a hero who won't be beaten down.

Alex McKnight is relaxing in his local favorite haunt, the Glasgow Inn, when Chief Roy Haven ventures through the door on a snowy January night with even more to come later. He and the chief have had bad past chemistry from the first day they met. Now Roy Haven is about to bring him some task that will change the Upper Pennisula's world with a new nightmare of sudden violence and blood thirsty revenge. It all begins with a father's wanting to know about a horrific suicide of his son, and then more events to follow with no real answers. The FBI step in and tell them to back off from their personal investigations, but Haven and Alex are getting more into the case, when more unexpected deaths happen. The chilling results occur with shocking consequences and timing on every new step they turned. The chief and McKnight will be thrust into the path to find a ruthless killer who is evil personified. So, in Alex's life he has faced all kinds of evil, but this one wouldn't prepare him for the darkness of this ruthless killer. It all began in a lonely corner of the Upper Pennisula, in a place known as Misery Bay.

Steve Hamilton has won the prestigious Hopwood Award. He also has won the Private Eye Writers of America, the St Martin's Press Best First Private Eye Novel Contest, the Edgar and Shamus Awards for A Cold Day in Paradise. He has picked up the 2000 one of the year's Notable Books by The New York Times Book Review, and the 2004 Gumshoe Award. In 2006 Hamilton won the Michigan Author Award for his outstanding body of work. The Lock Artist without Alex McKnight got him his second Edgar Award, which was a fine intriguing plot effort. His latest work Misery Bay is a fine piece of writing, and a complicated stand alone mystery thriller. Hamilton joins only four other authors who have won the Edgar twice. A fine accomplishment for such a talented author, and he is one I keep going back to read for his fine prose. I also want to add, that I enjoy his choice of picking...

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