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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:Novels entitled 'Wicked Prey' and 'Broken' - Book review

Wicked Prey

John Sandford

Published By G. P. Putnam's Sons

A Division of the Penguin Group

375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

9780399155673 $27.95 www.penguingroup.com

I purposely selected another one of John Sandford novels to read, since it was part of his on-going Prey Series. I enjoy his writing style, and interesting narrative involving Lucas Davenport. His stories delve into the characters of both sides in his fast pace, but entertaining dialogue and plotting. Sandford has created this criminal universe, and his signature Prey Series proves to be worth the time reading. I relish a good tale of this once tough no nonsense detective and now he is a state agent of criminal apprehension.

Lucas Davenport has to juggle some elements of criminal, which is creating tension in St. Paul Minneapolis. His daughter Letty is involved with her job of newscasting and bumping into an old adversary named Randy Whitcomb wounded by Lucas. He is now in a wheelchair. He is planning to target his frustration towards Letty. In the meantime, a band of professional stick-up men are working at obtaining easy political money in suitcase in hotels from a convention. They have worked at the weaknesses of the security system while learning the actual location of the money. Their past of killing cops, and others here from these individuals puts additional pressure on pursuit of ending these crime sprees. Davenport is using a group of police force including secret service who want to protect the current Republican political scene. Some of the most powerful politicians are to be in the area, and the stakes are as high as they can be. In another problem an individual Justice Shafer is roaming the political scene with a fifty- caliber sniper rifle. This individual who has a mental issue background, which adds to the on-going tension for the secret service. This makes their job potentially difficult, when their main purpose is trying to protect the powerful politicians.

John Sandford is the author of twenty-one Prey Series crime novels, along with keeping Virgil Flowers busy in his own six crime novels. He has written four earlier with the Kidd Series and two stand alone novels. His brilliant trademark is suspense, and some of the best characters in this genre' of crime fiction.


Karin Slaughter

Delacorte Press

A Division of Random House Publishing Group

1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

9780385341974 $26.00 www.randomhouse.com

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