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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:"Caught" and "Reckless" - Book review


Harlan Coben


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I was asked what criteria I use for my opinions. This help me in deciding what books I should be able to devour the hours away in my reading escape. I use to belong to a mystery book club, and found out after hearing the reasons why people pick certain authors or pan others I need to keep on my own book trail and be my own decision maker. Harlan Coben has tickled my fancy for enjoyment in the former leisure chair, or any place I can curl up with a good story. I like the idea that I am open minded when it comes to picking books and giving the new author, favorite author, or any author a fighting chance to show his plot, excitement of action, including good characters to put my mind in his setting. Coben does it again with this book.

A young good seventeen year old girl named Haley McWaid is missing from her suburban New Jersey family who is the captain of the lacrosse team and eventually slated for college in the fall. This missing sparks multiple explosive events that shatter not only the hopes of the town, but the community which fears the worse after three months. A reporter, Wendy Tynes gets involved through her investigating nature, putting herself in the political turmoil of getting into harms way of other people's agendas. She starts to find out who the youth sexual predators might be while using elaborate and nationally telecasted sting operations. She works with local police and ends up publicly shaming dozens of men by the time she approaches her latest target. Dan Mercer is a social worker known as being friendly with trouble teens. His story is very complicated as she finds out in the investigation after gets caught in a sting.

A missing popular girl stirs a community who are stunned over her disappearance. After exploring many candidate possibilities by Wendy who the predator might be, and why she was taken she learns this will task her desire even more to get at the truth. She also learns that the through the probing it makes it difficult for Wendy to trust anything of her own instincts about her loss from the community or motives of anybody close around her.

Harlan Coben is the author of seventeen novels including Live Wire. His best sellers Long lost and Hold Tight were both # 1 on the New York bestsellers list. He is the winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award, and the Anthony Award. In my book...

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