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Position::Plea of Insanity and Pretty Little Things - Book review

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Plea of Insanity

Jilliane Hoffman

Vanguard Press

Division of the Perseus Group

387 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10016

9781593155070 $25.95 www.vanguardpressbooks.com

I have been tracking this author's work from her first book Retribution. I have never been disappointed with her clever twists of legal fiction. There are many female writers with legal backgrounds, but her experience as an Assistant State Attorney for four years and a Regional Law Advisor for the Florida Department Law Enforcement advising special agents. This involved cases on complex investigations including narcotics, homicide and organized crime definitely give her an edge on storylines and background to rely on with her plots.

Young ambitious prosecutor Julia Vacanti is facing a case that could be helpful to her career and put her on the court system map. The defendant a successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man is accused of murdering his wife and three small children. A plea is entered for him of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. This model husband and perfect father seemingly has just snapped one terrible night which the police have uncovered a horrific crime scene. It is hard to tell if he is guilty or feinting this for some other reason. The defense team claims schizophrenia that drove him to slaughter his entire family.

The state feels this defense is fabricated and he was cold-blooded and calculating in this act. If guilty Marquette faces the death penalty, and if found insane he could eventually walk free after some treatment. Julia must find a way to bring the killer to the righteous justice which falls into the mind of madness herself that has brought up her past. This was a struggle she has tried to forget for fifteen years. So she has to surpass this problem and learn to lead her into her own future while trying to prosecute someone who it's uncertain whether he is truly guilty of this crime or not.

Jilliane Hoffman is now the author of four legal thrillers including the already mentioned Retribution, Last Witness and Pleas of Insanity. This book Is her third, and I have noticed an impressive researched legal thriller. Each book she writes has an identify of it's own, timely with current problem themes that show case her knowledge. I mostly compare her to Karen Slaughter as her stories seem so intensely authentic. I will be patiently waiting for her next book when she finishes it hopefully in the not too distant future.


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