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Author:Allen, Daniel
Position:Book review

61 Hours

Lee Child

Delacorte Press

A Division of Random House, Inc.

1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

9780385340588 $28.00 262-785-9000 www.bantamdell.com

I have read all of Lee Child's books to-date, and I am a faithful fan of his thriller novels with Jack Reacher as his main protagonist. I was hooked on his debut novel the Killing Floor, and this novel makes fourteen novels. I have liked the thinking man's thriller style of Reacher, and although Lee's stories don't always rely heavy on action. The plots force us to see how he gets in and out of trouble. A wandering character roaming into a small town or new location each book keeping it fresh from the point of that new setting, new characters, with not much repeat of previous novels. A little backdrop on Jack's past life fills us in on his MP Army life, and cases he investigated. I only will stop reading Child's novels on Reacher, if he quits, and moves on to something fresh or new I will glance at that too. I am a loyal fan, but I did meet him at a bookstore. I like this author joining a huge fan following, all waiting for him to speak on Jack Reacher. Lee was giving his audience including my wife and I, the lowdown on his style, plots, along with discussing Reacher's character development. He then had a question and answer period about anything the group had to ask about past novels or future ones.

Reacher on traveling on a bus through a savage snowstorm has an erupted stop with a group of traveling seniors in South Dakota. An accident strangles the group with some serious injuries and the nearby police of Bolton help the bus group and Reacher putting them up for the duration until they can continue on with the trip. Reacher ends up helping the local police with a more serious problem of protecting and assisting an elderly female witness to a crime which eventually brings in outside criminal forces. This does add a burden to the local police who also do support the nearby prison. Reacher is persuaded to help the police through the next 61 hours, until she is able to hopefully be a witness to testify. The outside criminal sources start to drift in closer. This criminal is a paid professional killer en-routed to go after her, and any one who stands in his way. He is known as an assassin who never misses. The secrets are dangerous to the final outcome to protecting the witness, and his enemies are stronger than one could imagine. Reacher does respect the woman's honesty and strength, so he...

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