Position:Book review

Mark Raven MD; A DANGEROUS WORLD; Huttmann Company (Social Sciences) $27.95 ISBN: 9780961758851

There is no doubt that we live in precarious times. Pick up the newspaper or turn on the television and at least half a dozen news stories will be about man-made tragedies or natural disasters that cause the deaths of thousands. A Dangerous World is Dr. Mark Raven's how-to book that informs readers about the various types of disasters that may occur and encourages them to prepare for these events so "they may survive and suffer a minimum of hardship."

A Dangerous World is divided into two parts. The first part is a broad examination of all the types of tragedies and disasters that can occur ranging from man-made disasters--including terrorism nuclear-chemical/biological attacks nuclear power plant emergencies environmental contamination and warfare--to natural disasters such as famine epidemics floods forest fires hurricanes landslides tsunamis volcanic eruptions winter storms and heat waves.

Raven offers an interesting but brief history of overpopulation--one of the precursors of man-made disasters--and includes a succinct discussion about Thomas Malthus the English economist and demographer. The academic discussions are what makes A Dangerous World shine but unfortunately it falters when Raven breaks down every known disaster and offers a very brief...

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