Damn the Novel.

Damn the Novel

Amr Muneer Dahab


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161


9781546271307, $23.99, HC, 160pp, www.amazon.com

Synopsis: Amr Muneer Dahab, a Sudanese essayist and poet, is best known for his critical essays tackling controversial cultural, literary, intellectual, and political issues in the Arab world and worldwide. His over twenty years' experience as a columnist in opinion journalism, in addition to his academic engineering degree and relevant practical career, allowed his words to be architected in a skillfully depict reality with honesty, objectivity, and creativity.

In "Damn the Novel: when a Privileged Genre Prevails Over All Forms of Creative Writing" Dahab proposes that it is time to extend our reading arena outside the novel and narrative fiction.

As Dahab notes, life is profound and gorgeous; it deserves to be experienced beyond fantasy! So in "Damn the Novel" he asserts an overt condemnation of all forms of privilege granted to a literary genre over other writing genres.

Though "Damn the Novel" could be perceived as a vociferous cry against the novel per se, it is actually an objective view against the process of perpetuating the delusion that the novel specifically, and narrative fiction in general, should inevitably be the most dominating and influential literary trend.

"Damn the Novel" offers an exciting and...

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