Damn Love.

Author:Henkle, Jessica
Position:Book review

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (author); DAMN LOVE; IG Publishing (Fiction: Short Stories) 15.95 ISBN: 9781935439783

Byline: Jessica Henkle

First-time author writes with aplomb, possesses a keen perception of how love undoes a human heart.

"I get it. Broken hearts mend and in six months I'll see that we were never right for each other anyway. But this middle distance blows." Thus begins Jasmine Beach-Ferrara's linked story collection, Damn Love, and this punch-to-the-heart tone carries throughout the book. In nine stories, Beach-Ferrara offers a panoramic picture of interconnected lives, each broken by love. From the lesbian pining after her closeted friend, to the divorced couple who still sleep together, to the woman battling terminal cancer and an estrangement between her husband and gay son, love spares no one from the fight.

This is Beach-Ferrara's first book, but she writes with aplomb and possesses a keen perception of how love undoes a human heart. In "Custody Bus," Cassie tells of her ex-husband and sometime-lover, Carlos, who is convinced that her messy childhood is the source of her struggles in relationships. Of him, she says, "He wanted to fix me, to undo the past like it was a matter of bending steel rods." Throughout the book, a dividing line erupts between those who view the difficult as simple and vice versa, but is anything concerning love ever easy?

In "Love the Soldier," Keisha prepares to head to...

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