Dalmas, John. The Second Coming.

Author:Hoy, Sherry
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

DALMAS, John. The second coming. Baen. 502p. c2004. 1-4165-0903-8. $7.99. SA

Ngunda Aran started out as a black Canadian software genius, but lately rumors have been flying about his Millennium Foundation and his unique metaphysical philosophy. Many think his group's base in the Colorado outback is a cult. But others are starting to wonder if he is the next coming of Christ. He hasn't said "yes," but neither has he denied it. Told with snippets from interviews with Aran and articles about him preceding each chapter, his rise to transcendence (what is termed the Incarnation of the Infinite Soul) and his eventual death at the hands of a well-meaning...

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