Dallas: club leaders of the future.

Author:Perez, Esther

ON JUNE 26, 2014, twenty-two young leaders gathered in Uptown Dallas to discuss the success they have achieved and the impact that Latinos have as they give back to the community at the Hibiscus restaurant. The third-generation of the Dallas Club Leaders networked and shared their passions, which centered on diversity, community service and culture.

Alejandra Arango

Director of National Media and Blogger Relations at Aio Wireless

With a focus on global communications, Arango is passionate about connecting individuals. Born and raised in Miami with a Columbian heritage, she is dedicated to engaging individuals of different backgrounds as they "learn from the experiences of others ... As a millennial, as a multicultural and as the face of this country, I want to make sure that I'm a part of that conversation." Her inclusive viewpoint focuses on bringing others, despite, age, education or cultural background together to make a difference.

Alf Gonzalez

Sales Director of Southwest/ West Region at AT&T

Growing up as a young, at-risk child in South Bronx, New York, Gonzalez realizes the importance of giving others like himself a way out of that lifestyle. Starting in sales, Gonzalez realized that he had a knack for communicating with others, and now sees the necessity for speaking out and encouraging others to be "a better version of themselves." Now as an AT&T Aspire mentor, he credits his own mentors for the reason he has a greater perspective on life. "Those moments of mentorship showed me that there is more to life than the vicious circle that happens in the inner city."

Ana I. Rodriguez

Special Assistant to the president at University of North Dallas at Dallas

Born and raised in Dallas as a first-generation Latina, Rodriguez is a strong advocate for higher education. Currently the youngest member to serve on a university cabinet in Texas, her motivation is to ready Latino students through mentoring and advising, which leads them to pursue a degree in higher education so that they are more equipped for leadership. "There is definitely a need to have kids in private schools, in senior roles, in corporate roles, but if they're not educated, they won't be ready."

Boris Grinstein

Managing Director of Sales & Operations at Action Metals Recyclers

As part of a family operation, Grinstein's company is proud to provide quality recycling and jobs to the community. Grinstein graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in accounting and has attained joy and experience working with people in the scrap metal industry.

Brandi Amara Skyy

Drag Artist, Writer and Editor at GAG Magazine

As a cisgender female who performs gay, male drag, Skyy founded GAG Magazine the self-proclaimed "gay, drag version of Vogue." Born and raised as an only child in Corpus Christi, her professional and personal decisions have given her the passion to help others, specifically the youth in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community, and inspire them to find points of intersection to connect with their surroundings and their own passions.

Brenda Mora

Account Manager for Professional Services at Aerotek

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley in...

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