D.C. Swamp Spreads Its Wings.

Author:Singleton, Marilyn M.

AT A GRADUATION of a family friend, out of the blue, an individual in our group began lamenting that progressives tended to live in cities. She proposed that they should move to rural areas and "purge [such places] of those awful conservatives." Thus spake the tolerant Left. I was stunned. Given the festive occasion, I kindly reminded her that this is America and we are lucky that we have all kinds of people. I wanted to ask her what we should do with the conservatives--re-education camps?... or perhaps death by a continuous loop of Bernie Sanders speeches?

It is unfortunate that such unreasonableness is not isolated within the D.C. swamp containment zone. These pied pipers who offer free college, free food, free medical care, and free money for simply having a pulse freely admit they have no idea how to pay for it. Oh, yes: tax the "rich" and corporations, who will pass the tax on to consumers and employees in the form of higher prices and lower wages--and, eventually, the heretofore untouchable middle class will be taxed directly. Let us not forget that free food and housing are components of slavery.

These Einsteins are scientists when it comes to global warming and evolution, but think it is medically acceptable to permanently sterilize seven-year olds to avoid appearing like a "transgender" bigot. Quick science lesson: there are two genders; humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes; the X chromosomes and Y chromosomes determine sex; with rare exceptions of random abnormalities, female is XX and male is XY.

These self-described health care "experts" try to debunk innovative medical care delivery methods like direct pay and direct primary care subscription practices by claiming these are reserved for the rich. A mere $1,500 per year ensures that you and your doctor make your medical decisions--not the government. These "experts" are the same people who prop up the medical-insurance-government industrial complex at the expense of private physicians, writing laws that favor big-box retail clinics staffed by nonphysicians. These swamp creatures equate physicians with "mid-level" practitioners with one-fifth the training and education as doctors--but likely demand the chairman of the department when they themselves need medical services.

These compassionate legislators are keen on the government taking over the "social determinants of health," including loneliness. I anxiously await an army of a government operatives coming to our homes and...

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