CZ RAMI 9MM compact: superior fit in the hand is a hallmark of the CZ design.

Author:Kakkuri, Mark
Position::OUT OF THE BOX

Years ago, I had CZ RAMI in .40. loved that gun and even enjoyed practicing the correct pronunciation of Ceska Zbrojovka (CHAYS-ka ZBROV-ka--but be sure and use the correct enunciation and inflection--especially the tongue roll on the second word). I also enjoyed explaining the name RAMI was a combination of the first two letters of the first names of its designers--Radek Hauerland and Milan Trkulja. Also appealing: The gun's design cues taken from its legendary older brother, the CZ-75. I loved the RAMI, not for its history or legacy, but because it fit in my hand like no other. Yep, the fit was that good.

Then something happened. I either zoned out or hit my head--maybe this was the time I got laid off, needed money to feed the kids or pay the mortgage or something--and ended up selling the RAMI. Still difficult to remember but sure enough, it was gone. Other guns would come and go, some really good and some, not so much, but none would fit like the RAMI ... Until recently. I was able to borrow the RAMI's 9mm cousin from the good people at CZ-USA. And, right out of the box, there it was, in my hand, memories flooding back. Indeed, it was the same fit and still better than virtually any other subcompact pistol out there.



Now, lest you think I'm going to just drool all over the RAMI because it fits me, let me balance this out with the gun's challenges. For a subcompact, it's a bit heavy (1.8 pounds with the shorter, 10-round magazine loaded); the stock sights (white, 3-dot fixed) need an immediate upgrade; the manual safety, while thin and out of the way, is so thin and so out of the way, you gotta be really deliberate to thumb it on and off; and one more, while I don't mind carrying the RAMI cocked and locked, if I want to decock for a double-action first shot, I have to drop the hammer manually--weak-hand thumb and index finger on hammer, strong-hand index finger on trigger, squeezing it just enough to carefully release and let down the hammer for carry.


Other than those things, the RAMI carries well, especially in an American Holster Company Midland, an OWB belt slide. It fires well, too, devouring all the ammo I fed it, including Hornady 135-grain FlexLock Critical DUTY, Black Hills 124-grain JHP and American Eagle 115-grain FMJ target loads. And it hits what I aim at, delivering all that ammo with terrific accuracy, dropping steel plates at my local gun range.


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