Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business.

Author:Cox, James A.
Position:Book review

Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business

Scott N. Schober with Craig W. Schober

Privately Published

9780996902267 $19.95 pbk / $9.99 Kindle

Synopsis: Since publication of his first book, HACKED AGAIN, Scott Schober has dedicated himself to educating anyone who would listen by telling his own story of being hacked in the hope that others can learn from his own mistakes. Now joined by his brother Craig, the two have set their sights on the biggest target of all, small businesses.

There are 30 million small businesses currently operating in the United States. Some of them are single owner/operated while others collectively employ hundreds of millions. This book is for all of them and anyone who makes it their business to stay safe from phishing attacks, malware spying, ransomware, identity theft, major breaches and hackers who would compromise their security. We are all in this together which is why cybersecurity is everybody's business.

Critique: Cybersecurity expert Scott Schober presents Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business: Solve the Security...

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