CWT SatoTravel.

PositionINDUSTRY MEMBERS--Chairman's Circle.

CWT SatoTravel

4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 500, Arlington, VA 22203 703-682-7266 *

Nick Vournakis, President, US Military & Government Markets 703-682-7300 *

Joel Wartgow, Senior Director, Customer Management 703-682-7226 *

Marc Stec, Vice President, Strategic Business Initiatives 703-682-7282 *

Bob McCauley, Vice President, Products and Services 703-682-7350 *

Eva Chapa, Vice President, Traveler Services 210-877-3203 *

Jordan Bruenger, Director, Marketing & Communications 703-682-7266 *

For over 70 years, CWTSatoTravel has served as the largest provider of global corporate travel services for the US military and government agencies. As a division of CWT, we have access to resources that help our customers travel more efficiently and economically, while still providing an enjoyable experience.

We issue more than 6.3 million transactions annually to US military and government travelers, in...

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