Cutting through the PR clutter.

Author:Babcock, Kyle
Position:EDITORS' NOTE - Editorial

Imagine for a moment that you're a reporter. The rate of press releases, tweets and tips flying into your inbox is approaching the speed of light, and you have 10 minutes before your editor comes knocking to find out what you have for her today. What will cut through the clutter?

The ultimate goal is to find what message makes the strongest connection--with both the reporter and their audience. The challenge of getting a clear message through all the clutter is the real beauty of public relations (PR). There are more ways to do this with each passing day--but at the same time, there is more competition for attention. In this world of by-the-minute updates and online social connections, how can law firm professionals make the most out of their PR efforts?

In this issue's cover story, reporters who cover the business of law weigh in on what they find helpful, providing us a window into what they're seeking from law firms. Some of their tips are a reminder that the language of law isn't a...

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