Cutting-edge waterjet.

Position:FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2007 - Jet Edge Inc.

Capable of producing complex parts out of virtually any material, the Jet Edge High Rail Gantry features a stable overhead design that allows full access to the work envelope and raises critical components out of the process environment. Jet Edge utilizes high-volume, low-pressure air around the ball screws and linear motion guides and bearings, which increases durability by preventing contamination from entering these areas. The High Rail Gantry has a repeatability of 0.002" over the entire work envelope. It is available in 2ft increments from 4x4ft to 24x14ft. Custom sizes are available, and the system can easily be expanded in place as a business grows.

Featuring the most advanced technology for extended-life hydraulics and a reliable tie-rod design, the 50hp iP60-50 is rated for 60,000psi, and provides flow rates of 0 to 1.1 gallons per minute to a variety of cutting, surface-preparation or cleaning tools. The iP60-50 provides easy access for all service and maintenance. It features a non-high-pressure cylinder with a warranty--even on replacement cylinders, an improved performance check valve, and low-torque requirements.

Jet Edge waterjet cutting systems are controlled by the AquaVision Di motion controller. The AquaVision Di guides users through the process from job setup to production and has numerous standard features that are optional on many competitive systems. With the AquaVision Di, single pans, part arrays, mirroring, scaling, rotation, and plate alignment are fight at users' fingertips. The AquaVision Di is fully networkable, allowing part programs to...

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