When cutting aero components, zero-error quality comes first.

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Rolls-Royce mission: "To be first choice for engine solutions in the entire spectrum of civil and military aviation, navy, and energy supply."

Rolls-Royce's mission is ambitious, and its client list is impressive. In the aviation sector alone, Rolls-Royce supplies everyone from Boeing to EADS and MacDonnell-Douglas to Fokker, Raytheon, and Pegasus--virtually any company of significance in the field.

Rolls-Royce Germany is the only German engine manufacturer with the complete system capability to develop, approve, and manufacture modern jet engines and support them in the aftermarket. Given its position as system supplier with direct market access, Rolls-Royce covers all steps in the value-creation chain: from research and technology acquisition to product development, production, supplier network, and all the way to system support.

Focused engine expertise is represented by 2,000 employees in the German Rolls-Royce sites in Blankenfelde-Mahlow near Berlin and Oberursel near Frankfurt/Main. Together they form the Compressor Expertise Center for the entire Rolls-Royce group. Blankenfelde-Mahlow is where the focal competencies in the segments of development, construction, assembly, and testing of two-shaft engines are located. The specialty of the Rolls-Royce site in Oberursel--more than 230,000 sq ft in production area--encompasses the component manufacture, repair, and assembly of shaft engines.

Components like no other

Nine hundred and fifty employees are responsible for the manufacture of highly stressed components in aircraft engines, such as compressor discs and drums, turbine discs with nickel-based alloys, as well as blisks with titanium alloys. The components are termed "highly stressed" because they count among the critical or rotating parts in the main engine. The term "blisk" is short for "blade integrated disk" and refers to a core component found exclusively in compressors. Discs and coops are manufactured integrally and not plugged together. This increases their strength and load capacity. Additional benefits include increased aerodynamic effectiveness and reduced air-system-losses.

Whoever manufactures compressor and turbine components for neuralgic and security-sensitive parts of the engine in the way Rolls-Royce does in Oberursel needs to pay attention to special aspects in every step of the process:

* High-temperature forged alloys (stainless steel, Ti 6246, Ti64, Inconel 718, Udimet 720);

* 100 percent ultrasound testing of...

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