Cut Through the Complex.

Author:Davidson, Terry
Position:From the / ceo - Brief article

As a benefit expert, you are accustomed to navigating laws and compliance guidelines. These laws are complicated, but there is almost always a decidedly correct path, clarified with plan language and compliance guidelines.

When it comes to creating a healthy and supportive work environment, however, the path is less clear. There are laws, of course, but you also may need to exercise judgment when considering the unique circumstances within your workplace.

To help you navigate through the complex and foster a supportive and inclusive environment, the International Foundation offers a number of valuable resources for members. This type of content is woven into many of our face-to-face conferences, such as Diversity Training--Foundations for an Effective Diverse Team, offered in February and June prior to the Trustees and Administrators Institutes. And don't forget, we can bring this education to your doorstep with customized, on-site programs.

In addition, you can find webcasts that drill into topics such as stress management and mental health, including:


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