Customer Service Toolkit.

Author:Medved, Michele B.

Customer Service Toolkit, Video, 2006, CRM Learning, $995.

Support: leader guide.

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Once again customer service is a hot topic. For instance, top hotels nationwide are upgrading and improving their customer service training programs. The quest for customer loyalty is the motivating force behind this investment in training, with exceptional service as the key differentiator between competitors.


Situation-specific clips

The Customer Service Toolkit DVD contains 71 short, situation-specific video clips. They cover a variety of customer service scenarios, from attitude to supervising a customer service department. Scenes occur in different work settings, including healthcare, call centers, and hospitality.

According to the box promotional material, the clips can be used as part of customized customer service training. Trainers should therefore use the materials in combination with other activities rather than as a stand-alone solution.

The Toolkit contains a wealth of support materials for your customer-training curriculum. The production values on this DVD are good, and the acting is above average. The range of topics is impressive, as is the breadth of the customer service scenarios. The DVD and its accompanying leader's guide are easy to navigate, with segments clearly labeled according to the customer service category and service scenario. For example, "Communication Section: Communicate with compassion and clear language."

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