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A complete list of all NBER Working Papers with searchable abstracts, and the full texts of Working Papers (issued since November 1994) are available at to anyone located at a university or other organization that subscribes to the (hard copy) Working Paper series.

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For further information, see our Web site, or please write: National Bureau of Economic Research,1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-5398.

Titles of all papers issued since August 2005 are presented below. For previous papers, see past issues of the NBER Repoter. Working Papers are intended to make results of NBER research available to other economists in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision before final publication. They are not reviewed by the Board of Directors of the NBER.

NBER Working Papers Papers Author(s) Title 11516 Lee Branstetter Do Stronger Intellectual Raymond Fisman Property Rights Increase C. Fritz Foley International Technology Transfer? Empirical Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Data 11517 Elena Tchernykh Regime-Switching Behavior William H. Branson of the Term Structure of Forward Markets 11518 B. Douglas Bernheim Behavioral Public Economics: Antonio Rangel Welfare and Policy Analysis with Non-Standard Decision Makers 11519 Cesar Alonso-Borrego Evaluating Labor Market Jesus Fernandez- Reforms: A General Villaverde Equilibrium Approach Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez 11520 Michael P. Dooley Savings Gluts and Interest David Folkerts-Landau Rates: The Missing Link to Peter M. Garber Europe 11521 Menzie D. Chinn A Primer on Real Effective Exchange Rates: Determinants, Overvaluation, Trade Flows, and Competitive Devaluation 11522 Anna Aizer The Impact of Child Support Sara McLanahan Enforcement on Fertility, Parental Investment, and Child Well-Being 11523 Andrew T. Levin Monetary Policy Under Uncer- Alexei Onatski tainty in Micro-Founded John C. Williams Macroeconometric Models Noah Williams 11524 Laura Bottazzi The International Dynamics Giovanni Peri of R&D and Innovation in the Short and in the Long Run 11525 Ilya Segal Antitrust in Innovative Michael Whinston Industries 11526 Andrea Frazzini Dumb Money: Mutual Fund Owen A. Lamont Flows and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns 11527 Robert Fairlie Mexican Entrepreneurship: Christopher Woodruff A Comparison of Self- Employment in Mexico and the United States 11528 Benjamin F. Jones The Anatomy of Start-Stop Benjamin A. Olken Growth 11529 Jay Bhattacharya Health Insurance and the Neeraj Sood Obesity Externality 11530 Bruce Sacerdote How Do Friendships Form? David Marmaros 11531 Alberto Alesina Why Do Politicians Delegate? Guido Tabellini 11532 Yooki Park Digital Rights and the Suzanne Scotchmer Pricing of Digital Products 11533 Bruce N. Lehmann Notes for a Contingent Claims Theory of Limit Order Markets 11534 John Y. Campbell How Do House Prices Affect Joao F. Cocco Consumption? Evidence from Micro Data 11535 Roland Benabou Incentives and Prosocial Jean Tirole Behavior 11536 Michelle J. White Economic Analysis of Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy Law 11537 Lars E.O. Svensson Social Value of Public Information: Morris and Shin (2002) is Actually Pro Transparency, not Con 11538 Andrew Ang Do Macro Variables, Asset Geert Bekaert Markets, or Surveys Forecast Min Wei Inflation Better? 11539 Joshua Aizenman The Collection Efficiency of Yothin Jinjarak the Value Added Tax: Theory and International Evidence 11540 Yosuke Okada Competition and Productivity in Japanese Manufacturing Industries 11541 Sebastian Edwards Is the U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable? And If Not, How Costly is Adjust- ment Likely To Be? 11542 Philippe Aghion Academic Freedom, Private- Mathias Dewatripont Sector Focus, and the Process Jeremy C. Stein of Innovation 11543 Jaume Ventura The Dot-Com Bubble, the Bush Aart Kraay Deficits, and the U.S. Current Account 11544 James J. Heckman Earnings Functions, Rates of Lance J. Lochner Return, and Treatment: The Petra E. Todd Mincer Equation and Beyond 11545 David W. Galenson The Methods and Careers of Leading American Painters in the Late Nineteenth Century 11546 Dale T. Mortensen An Empirical Model of Growth Rasmus Lentz Through Product Innovation 11547 David Card Is the New Immigration Really So Bad? 11548 Robert J. Gordon Apparel Prices 1914-93 and the Hulten-Brueghel Paradox 11549 Andrew Epstein The Formation and Evolution Sean Nicholson of Physician Treatment Styles: An Application to Cesarean Sections 11550...

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