Curing Psychological Symptoms.

Curing Psychological Symptoms

Henry Kellerman


9781590566046, $115.00, HC, 176pp,

Synopsis: "Curing Psychological Symptoms" was specifically written by Dr. Henry Kellerman for clinicians as well as the curious non-specialist general reader. "Curing Psychological Symptoms" examines psychological symptoms such as obsessions, compulsions, and phobias by using a symptom code to unravel, and then cure, the symptom.

The unfortunate fact is that psychotherapists have never really had a map or an instruction manual that they could follow so that any symptom could be unlocked and cured. Even though psychotherapists know a great deal about the processes of psychotherapeutic treatment, nowhere is there any spelled-out technique that they systematically could use to penetrate the symptom and then cure it.

"Curing Psychological Symptoms" is more than a technical treatise. It considers 10 fascinating cases to show how Dr. Kellerman's methods have worked over a half-century of private practice. A majority among those profiled...

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