Cumulative index volumes 1 through 28: title indexto leading articles and features.

TITLE INDEX TO LEADING ARTICLES AND FEATURES Access to Federally Funded Research Data Under the Freedom of Information Act Edward C. Walterscheid 15:1 Adapting Contract Law to Accommodate Electronic Contracts: Overview and Suggestions Donnie L. Kidd, Jr. and William H. Daughtrey 26:215 Administering the Antidote to Computer Viruses: A Comment on United States v. Morris Susan M. Mello 19:259 Administering of Scientific Evidence: Proposed Implementation of the Guidelines of Daubert and Landrigan Under the Newly Adopted New Jersey Rules of Evidence Susan Scott & Lynne A. Anderson 20:1 The Algorithm and Computer Software Patentability: A Scientific View of a Legal Problem Mitchell P. Novick & Helene Wallenstein 7:313 American Implications of Sentencing by Computer Roberta L. Jacobs 4:302 Analysis of Disagreement Reed C. Lawlor Fall 1970:70 Analyzing Infringement by Equivalents: A Proposal to Focus the Scope of International Patent Protection Allan M Soobert 22:189 An Anomaly in the Patent System: The Uncertain Status of Computer Software Linda Nell Flewellen 8:273 And the Shirt off Your Back: Universal City Studios, DECSS, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Brian Paul Menard 27:371 Anti-Dumping Policy of the European Community and the Growing Spectre of Protectionism in Technology Related Goods Stuart A. Christie 16:475 Antitrust Enforcement in Electronic B2B Marketplaces: An Application of Oligopoly Theory and Modern Evidence Law Gabriel Hertzberg 28:463 Apples & Oranges: Reverse Engineering as a Fair Use After Atari v. Nintendo and Sega v. Accolade Christopher W. Hager 20:259 Application of Article Two of the Uniform Commercial Code to Computer System Acquisitions Robert A. Holmes 9:1 Archival Backup Copying of Software: How Broad a Right? Mary A. Meisner 14:391 Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Evaluating Employee Terminations on a Personal Computer Henry H. Perritt, Jr. 13:341 Arzberger Under the Microscope: A Critical Reexamination of the Exclusion of Bacteria from Plant Patent Protection Iver P. Cooper 7:367 Assaying Computer Associates v. Altai: How Will the "Golden Nugget" Test Pan Out? Walter A. Effross 19:1 Atari v. Nintendo: Super Mario Uses "Expressive" Security Feature to "Lock" Out the Competition Harold C. Moore 18:919 An Automated Approach to Scientific Codification Cary G. DeBessonet 9:27 An Automated Intelligent System Based on a Model of a Legal System Cary G. DeBessonet 10:31 Automated Systems and Claim Realization in Social Security Organizations Jon Bing & Dag Wiese Schartum 12:83 B2Bs, E-Commerce & The All-Or-Nothing Deal Gail F. Levine 28:383 The Bank-Customer Relationship in an Electronic Credit Transfer System John J. Clarke 2:1 Beyond the Neighborhood Drugstore: U.S. Regulation of Online Prescription Drug Sales by Foreign Businesses Ivette P. Gomez 28:431 Big Brother, the Holding Company: A Review of Key-Escrow Encryption Technology Henry R. King 21:224 Biotechnology Development and Transfer: Recommendations for an Integrated Policy Reid G. Adler 11:469 Biotechnology and Patent Law: Fitting Innovation to the Procrustean Bed Dan L. Burk 17:1 Biotechnology and the Third World: Some Social, Economic, Political and Legal Impacts and Concerns David Dembo, Clarence Dias & Ward Morehouse 11:431 A Brief Defense of Mass Market Software License Agreements Robert W. Gomulkiewicz & Mary L. Williamson 22:335 Broderbund Software, Inc v. Unison World, Inc.: "Look and Feel" Copyright Protection for the Display Screens of an Application Microcomputer Program J. Scott MacKay 13:105 Can a "Deterministic" Computer Judge Overrule Himself Alan L.'Iyree 7:381 The Canadian Computer Software Copyright Law: One Small Step for U.S. Software Vendors Susan J. Bahr 17:139 Carnivore In Cyberspace: Extending The Electronic Communications Privacy Act's Framework To Carnivore Surveillance Geoffrey A. North 28:155 The Carrot and the Stick: Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property in Developing Countries Thomas Mesevage 17:421 A Case Against the Use of Public Opinion Polls as an Aid in Jury Selection David Silver 6:177 Case Comment: Monopoly-Relevant Market Telex v. IBM Albert A. Slawsky 5:171 The Case for Limited Use of Polls in the Jury Selection Process John A. Cannito & K.L. Becker 7:111 Catching Jellyfish in the Internet: The Public-Figure Doctrine and Defamation on Computer Bulletin Boards Thomas D. Brooks 21:461 Changing Relationships in Technology Transfer to the Third World: Case Study of Biotechnology in Agriculture Deborah A. Rose 11:531 CHIPS and the Proposed Uniform New Payments Code Deborah S. Prutzman 10:1 The Clipper Chip: Cryptography Technology and the Constitution-the Government's Answer to Encryption "Chips" Away at Constitutional Rights Kirsten Scheurer 21:263 A Commentary on Proposals for Copyright Protection on the National Information Infrastructure James V. Mahon 22:233 The Commerce Clause and State Programs Aimed at Encouraging the Development of High-Technology Industries Michael Winston 11:171 Commercial Banking and the Checkless Society James C.L. Baxendale Fall 1970:88 The Computational Complexity of Automated Redistricting: Is Automation the Answer? Micah Altman 23:81 Computer Arbitration: The Program of the Future Marion J. Zinman 10:103 Computer Malpractice-A New Tort on the Horizon? Sue Ganske Graziano 17:177 Computer Programs and Patent Law: A Comparative Study Stanislaw J. Soltysinski 3:1 Computer Programs and Subject Matter Patentability Harold L. Davis 6:1 Computer Related Decisions Under UCC Article 2: Lessons for the Article 2 Revision and Software Contract Statute Drafters About Realities of Contract David A. Rice 18:499 The Computer Revolution: A Challenge to the Law Schools-And a Dream Milton R. Wessel 3:180 Computer Technology (Hardware and Software): Some Legal Implications for Antitrust, Copyrights and Patents Morton C. Jacobs Fall 1970:50 Computer Viruses: Is There a Legal "Antibiotic?" James Tramontana 16:253 Computerization of Welfare Recipients: Implications for the Individual and the Right to Privacy Dolores Y.P. Wilson 4:163 Computerized Marketing and Competition: Some Antitrust Considerations Sander Marc Rabin 4:407 Computers and Case Law James P. Chandler 3:202 Computers and Communications: Public Policy at the Crossroads Manley R. Irwin Fall 1970:35 Computers and Redistricting: A Plea for Realism Robert G. Dixon, Jr 2:15 Computers and the Courts-Recommendations Made to the Courts Task Force William S. McKee 3:134 Computers and The Patent System: The Problem of The Second Step Orin S. Kerr 28:47 Computers, Medical Malpractice, and the Ghost of the T.J. Hooper Dorothy D. Petras & Susan Scarpelli 5:15 Computers: The Law and Politics of Redistricting Stuart S. Nagel 2:22 The Computer's Use in Jury Selection and Management: Do We Need to Wait for Statutory Change? Fred M. Greguras & Ingo Keilitz 6:155 Conceptualization and Development of a Computer Assisted Diagnostic and Prescriptive System for Juvenile Delinquents Fred W. Vondracek, Hugh B. Urban, William H. Parsonage 4:86 Congress: The Three-Dimensional Chessboard-The Role of Information Technology Robert L. Chartrand Spring 1970:50 Consent and Organ Donation Steven M. Cooper 11:559 Content Regulation of Cable Television: "Indecency" Statutes and the First Amendment Jessica Sporn 11:141 Contracting for Computer Services: A Checklist Lewis L. Laska 2:152 Controls on the Export of Militarily Sensitive Technology: National Security Imperative for U.S. Industry Impediment Peter S. Malloy 18:841 Copying, the Reconciliation of Conflicting Interests: An Analysis of Williams & Wilkins Co. v. United States Lilli A. Yankow 3:328 Copyright and Computer Databases: The Case of the Bibliographic Utility Richard J. Brown 11:17 Copyright in Computer Programming Languages Richard H. Stern 17:321 Copyright, Computers and Compulsory Licensing Richard Lorr 5:149 Copyright in the Digital Age: A Comparative Survey Dr. Jacqueline Lipton 27:333 Copyright Infringement Problems of a Network/Home Cable Record Selection and Playing System David C. Lenny 5:51 Copyright Infringement of Protected Computer Software: An Analytical Method to Determine Substantial Similarity Donald F. McGahn 21:88 Copyright Law: A Review of the "Separability Test" and a Proposal for New Design Protection Christopher P. Bussert 10:59 Copyright Law Tackles Yet Another Challenge: The Electronic Frontier of the World Wide Web April M. Major 24:75 Copyright Protection: Computer-Related Dependent Works Michael Gemignani 15:383 Copyrightability of Computer-Created Works Evan H. Farr 15:63 Copyrightable Expression in the User Interface of a Computer Program: Lotus Development Corporation v. Paperback Software International Keith A. Overstreet 18:941 Courtran: A Modular Management Information and Research System for the Judicial Process J.L. Ebersole & J.A. Hall, Jr. 3:83 The Courts Establish the Rules for Videogames Under the Copyright Act of 1976: Is It Too Hard to Play? Grace Dreisbach 10:127 Creating Evidence: Ethical Concerns, Evidentiary Problems, and the Application of Work Product Protection to Audio Recordings of Nonparty Witnesses Secretly Made by Attorneys or Their Agents Marguerita B. Dolatly 22:521 The Criminal Law Aspects of Computer Abuse: Part I: State Penal Laws, Part II: Federal Criminal Code Susan Hubbell Nycum 5:271, 5:297 A Critical Look at the New Uniform Payments Code James V. Vergari 9:317 Cyberbanking: A New Frontier for Discrimination? Cheryl R. Lee 26:277 Cybercommunity Versus Geographical Community Standard for Online Pornography: A Technological Hierarchy in Judging Cyberspace Obscenity Gyong Ho Kim and Anna R. Paddon 26:65 Cyberspace: A New Frontier for Fighting Words Sanjiv N. Singh 25:283 Cyberspace: The Newest Challenge for Traditional Legal Doctrine Francis A. Gilligan and Edward J. Imwinkilried 24:305 Dawson Chemical Co., Inc. v. Rohm and Haas Co.: A Clarification of Section 271 of the Patent Act that Restricts the...

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