Cultured Food for Life.

Author:Hartley, Sara
Position:Book review

Donna Schwenk (author); CULTURED FOOD FOR LIFE; Hay House (Nonfiction: Cooking) 19.95 ISBN: 9781401942823

Byline: Sara Hartley

Dig into this fun, easy, and smart cookbook and guide to discover how you can grow your health by growing beneficial bacteria-enhanced food.

A rainbow of inviting food photographs and a title that looks like a cartoon marquee advertise from the start that Cultured Food for Life is going to be a fun and easy introduction to the world of probiotic edibles. From that perspective, author Donna Schwenk does not disappoint.

The cookbook is wisely broken into two parts. Part one is the DIY of home probiotic farming, which begins with the "what" and "why" of a probiotic diet and includes myriad testimonials and scientific facts to support her findings. While this part feels a little like listening to a motivational speaker, it succeeds in leading to Schwenk's next question, "how?" Detailed one product at a time -- from kefir and kombucha to fermented fruits and sourdough -- the process of growing your own bacteria-laden foodstuffs is revealed. Not only are the recipes for these cultured building blocks easy to follow, each section also highlights frequently asked questions such as "Can cultured vegetables develop botulism?" or "My tea has a terrible odor. Is it safe to drink?" If these seem like frightening questions to ask about your food, Schwenk would have you know...

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