Cryptozoo Crew Volume 2: Call of the Thunderbird!(Book review)

Author:Eaton, Lance

Work Title: Cryptozoo Crew Volume 2: Call of the Thunderbird!

Work Author(s): Allan Gross and Jerry Carr

Nantier Beall Minoustchine

Color illustrations, Softcover $12.95, 96 pages

Graphic Novel

ISBN: 1561634662

Reviewer: Lance Eaton

Cryptozoologists study creatures whose existence has not been proven. For most, life becomes a cycle of grant writing, research, and excavating or exploring, but Tork Darwyn's exploits as a seeker of lesser-known or "hidden" creatures takes him on some extreme adventures. While other cryptozoologists ceaselessly search for the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot, Tork inexorably encounters the oddest of creatures.

When the thunderbird of his nightmares begins leaving physical scars, Tork knows something is wrong. Delving back into his memory, he recalls a time when he was indeed captured by a thunderbird and escaped. He had met a shaman upon his return who prophesized a future encounter with the aerial beast. Now, twenty years later, Tork realizes he must return and find the creature as both a personal and professional obligation. His wife, Tara, insists on accompanying him, despite the fact that her school for troubled youth is about to be shut down. Tara, a resilient and intelligent woman, proves too much of a force for Tork to deny. The pair find themselves in the Alaskan countryside seeking out the shaman and eventually the thunderbird. Together, they discover where it comes from, and how to save Tork from its dreaded curse.

While the glossiness of the pages contributes to the brightness of the art, the coloring alone produces a brightness that maintains the jovial mood of this graphic novel. Thick black lines of...

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