Cry Wilderness.

Author:Montgomery-Rodgers, Letitia
Position:Book review

Frank Capra; CRY WILDERNESS; Rare Bird Books (Fiction: Literary) 26.95 ISBN: 9781947856301

Byline: Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

A bit of a fish story (if fish were replaced with political fisticuffs), Frank Capra's Cry Wilderness follows a fictionalized Capra to a wilderness cabin in the high Sierra and into local politics, where two long-term hermits-cum-vagrants are being threatened by developer pressures.

Some are intent on rebranding the Sierra region as a high-end vacation destination. Tony Caldwell, a local boy with his sights set on a political career aimed at the White House, spearheads the men's ouster. But just beneath the surface, a culture war is roiling. Competing interpretations of American values will go to trial as the two sides face off in a heated battle of humanism against the rule of law.

Capra's elliptical narrative moves through extensive exposition about the Mono Valley before giving way to local politics; much like his movies, it is strongest when it's character driven. A penchant for soliloquies leads to passages of environmental, philosophical, moral, and political grandstanding. These unbroken orations defy contemporary axioms about dialogue and pacing, but they...

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