Crowd pleasin' crossover! All purpose fixed blade can hunt and defend.

Author:Covert, Pat

The term "crossover cutter" has become an industry phrase for versatile knives which can serve the user for both tactical and hunting/survival chores.'s All Purpose Fixed Blade fits that description quite well. Run by brothers Larry and Rodney Connelley, KnifeArt is one of the top selling Internet purveyors of custom and high-end production knives. The All Purpose Fixed Blade is one of several knives the Connelley brothers have designed and commissioned to sell under their exclusive Knife Art brand, and their knowledge of versatile working knives is evident in this hard-use fixed blade.

For starters, this is a handmade knife, with all the looks and feels you'd expect from a custom. The All Purpose's clip-point blade has a deep-bellied hollow-grind for excellent slice-ability and the swedge grind on the backside enhances penetration so, in essence, you've got the best of both worlds for game or foe. The...

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