Chinese crossing borders: a roundtable comparing Chinese in Canada and the United States.

AuthorLim, Imogene
Position3H Panel Summary - Brief article

Henry Yu, PhD, Moderator

The panel on Chinese Canadian history focused on differences between Chinese Canadian and Chinese American history. Edgar Wickberg explained the goals of the new (2004) Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia. CHSA has been a partial model for CCHSBC, but CCHSBC, of necessity, will be different because of its later formation and because Chinese Canadians and Chinese Americans have different trajectories. Larry Wong pointed out that the Canadian government between the 1880s and 1940s limited Chinese immigration by use of both a head tax, paid only by Chinese, and a severe exclusion law. Those policies were finally terminated largely due to the efforts of 600 Chinese Canadians who fought for Canada in World War II. Their numbers, when compared to those of Chinese American veterans of that war, were small; but their achievement was great. Imogene Lim noted the historic cross-border connections of Chinatowns. She also...

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