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Author:Galiffa, Dean

Q: "If you could put all your resources into one revenue project, what would it I be and why?"

A: If I could pour my funds into a revenue project of my choice, I would begin my own podcast about the north Philadelphia area, specifically the surrounding neighborhoods of Temple.

Since high school, I have been interested in broadcast journalism. I took a course in which we produced the school news every morning and quickly developed the required skill sets, such as writing, reporting and directing, for a local broadcast news operation.

After becoming camera and audio equipment savvy, I found that applying my interviewing skills to my newfound knowledge of broadcast media could fulfill my genuine interest in telling people's stories. I felt natural in front of a camera or behind a microphone.

As a revenue project, podcasting is a fairly new and inventive way for young journalists, like me, to share their ideas and adapt to the ever-changing world we live in. By using the booming platform of podcasting in the news, I would have an outlet to showcase a combination of my creativity and journalistic skills.

I want to make a significant contribution to the important content being produced in mass media, and turning a profit is just a benefit. That is why, for my revenue project, my podcast would center around how Temple has implanted and gentrified the surrounding north Philadelphia neighborhoods and the impact that has had on community members, students, faculty members and the like.

Each episode would spotlight a specific topic of Temple's continuous attempts at expanding. Between the constant constructions on campus, to the empty lots being built up for a new apartment building, the podcast would focus on interviewing subjects in direct line with these topics. Sources would likely include students, faculty members, realtors and land owners and community members.

Dean Galiffa, 21 junior, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa.

Galiffa recently transferred, to Temple University from Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and completed his first semester at the university. He has interned for multiple media outlets, including the Online Reporter Project for the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and was executive editor of the DCCC school newspaper.

A: I would launch an innovative, accredited, high performing and tuition-free university program for students of journalism and communications.

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