Critical of Clinton criticism.

Author:Chelette, Beate
Position:Law & Justice - Hillary Clinton

I was challenged by a Donald Trump proponent at a recent event to change his opinions about Hillary Clinton. I must confess the situation left me baffled. After all, Clinton was the first lady, a senator, and Secretary of State. In all honesty, I was not prepared to speak to her specific achievements in detail. We were at a dinner party, and I did what people do when in a group--we politely talked about our careers. When I revealed myself as the founder of The Women's Code, a movement designed to change the way women lead and work, I was asked, 'Who would be on my dream team?" That is an easy one: Madeleine Albright, Jodie Foster, Patricia Arquette, Hillary Clinton.... Wait, did you just say Hillary Clinton? Here we go-again.

Why is it that when we talk about men, we focus on what they are saying right now, with not one word uttered about their past accomplishments but, when we discuss women in politics, we question their back story like it is the only thing that matters? What has Clinton done? Why does she deserve a place at the table?," the individual persisted.

I tried not to get mad--mad at myself that I could not rapid-fire answers to defend a sister or promote her with cold hard facts; at men for talking down the most-qualified candidate we ever have had by making this solely about her past; at the simple fact there is such a double standard in how we view men and women. I failed. I got mad anyway.

My man, who was with me at the dinner party, is a very smart and pragmatic guy. He suggested I arm myself better because this type of conversation will come up again and again. He is right, and he does not want me to be caught unprepared next time.

You see, women do not think like men. We do not run our mouths boasting our accomplishments to remind others constantly why we matter. Girls are not raised like that. Clinton was not raised like that. Perhaps Clinton and I both should be better prepared to shatter those who dare ask the question: what has she accomplished?

For my challenger who wanted to be convinced--which we know never will happen-here is a list of some of the heavy lifting Clinton has done on our behalf:

* As Secretary of State, Clinton was the principal author on the sanctions against Iran. She got the United Nations onboard, through its five permanent members, to approve those...

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