Crist-Evans, Craig. Moon over Tennessee; a boy's Civil War journal.

Author:Budin, Sue
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Houghton Mifflin. 60p. illus. map. c1999. 0-618-31107-6. $6.95. J

This series of prose poems traces the journey of a man and his son to join the Confederate Army in Gettysburg and the fateful battle that doomed the South. The boy narrates the story as they make their way, He describes their departure from their farm and family, the desolation of war they witness in burned buildings, injured and dead soldiers lying in fields and smoke rising everywhere.

It's also the story of the boy's coming of age. On their trek. he experiences hunger and other deprivations but he's borne up by the courage of the men around him and his optimism that they will go home again. The poems...

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