Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea.

Author:Werrell, Kenneth P.
Position:Review - Brief Article

Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea. By John Bruning, Jr. Dulles, Va.: Brassey's, 1999. Map. Photographs. Bibliography Glossary Index. Pp. 231. $24.95 ISBN 1-57488-158-2

Crimson Sky is the latest book to hit the street in anticipation of the fiftieth anniversary of the Korean War. It is a very readable, anecdotal account of the air war in Korea and covers a wide range of subjects--U.S. Air Force and Navy, propeller and jet, fighters and bombers. Its treatment of notable missions, such as the Namsi airfield, Hwachon dam, and actions such as Tom Hudner's, that earned him the Medal of Honor, and the loss of the top American ace (at that time), George Davis, are well done. Especially interesting was the coverage of the B--26 intruders, night fighting, and the Po--2 night heckler flights. Bruning also does a good job in fleshing out the details of what happened to a number of American pilots who were shot down.

This book is intended for the general reader and enthusiast, not the student or scholar. That is, the author stresses readability above all else. There are dubious quotations, and the text implies much wider and deeper sources than indicated by either the...

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