Crilley, Mark. Miki Falls; winter.

Author:Sweeney, Jennifer
Position:Miki Falls: Winter - Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

CRILLEY, Mark. Miki Falls; winter. (Vol. 4.) Illus. by the author. HarperTeen. c2008. 176p. illus. 978-0-0608-4619-0. $7.99. JS

In the final volume of this quartet, young lovebirds Miki and Hiro are making their heart-pounding escape from the Deliverers. Camping in the harsh winter climate with supplies running low, they try to make their way to a waiting ship that promises to carry them to safety. When the pair is unexpectedly betrayed, they end up in the grasp of the Deliverers. Hiro faces life-shattering repercussions, and Miki's fate lies in the balance. When the Deliverers choose for her, she must fight to regain control of her own life. Crilley has provided an ultimately satisfying end to this series. Following the path of the seasons, teen readers will welcome the fresh take on the birth--and the death--of love...

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