CRICKET-U19 CWC-SCOREBOARD England vs West Indies - Group B.


Scoreboard of the Group B match in the ICC Under-19 World Cup between England and West Indies at Kimberley Oval here Monday:


*K Melius c Haynes b Hamidullah Qadri 24

+L Julien c wkp Cox b Evison 40

K Anderson not out 86

K McKenzie c Clark b Goldsworthy 12

A Morris c and b Goldsworthy 14

M Patrick lbw b Hamidullah Qadri 3

N Young c Aldridge b Balderson 66

M Forde c Balderson b Aldridge 8

J James not out 4

Extras (lb1, w9) 10

TOTAL (7 wkts, 50 overs) 267

Did not bat: A Nedd, J Seales.

Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Melius), 2-85 (Julien), 3-100 (McKenzie), 4-129 (Morris), 5-138 (Patrick), 6-239 (Young), 7-250 (Forde)

Bowling: Balderson 9-1-61-1, Cullen 6-0-41-0, Hamidullah Qadri 10-1-46-2, Aldridge 8-2-48-1, Evison 7-0-42-1, Goldsworthy 10-0-28-2.


B Charlesworth c James b Patrick 36

+J Cox c Forde b Nedd 20

T Clark lbw b Nedd 38

J Haynes c Forde b Young 27

D Mousley c Forde b Young 4

J Evison c wkp Julien b Young 1

L Goldsworthy c and b Young 3

*G Balderson c Forde b Young 10

K Aldridge c and b Forde 21

B Cullen not out 7

Hamidullah Qadri not out 4

Extras (lb6, w7) 13

TOTAL (9 wkts, 43.4 overs) 184

Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Cox), 2-69 (Charlesworth), 3-120 (Clark), 4-129 (Mousley), 5-131 (Haynes), 6-135 (Evison)...

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