CRICKET-COURT-CWI to face legal action unless Cameron is given copy of report.


Lawyers for controversial former Cricket West Indies president, Dave Cameron, have demanded a copy of the board's recent audit report or say they will take legal action against the regional governing body.

Veteran counsel Tony Astaphan, a member of Cameron's legal team, rubbished some of the findings of the report as 'seriously lacking credibility' and said the Jamaican administrator was entitled to a copy so he could defend himself.

CWI president Ricky Skerritt said in a statement last Sunday that a review of the body's financial management systems conducted last year by the accounting and management consulting firm Pannell Kerr Foster (PKF), had 'uncovered some illustrations of questionable executive standards and practices'.

'Mr Cameron and other directors, some of whom are still sitting on the board, have spoken to me and indicated to me certain matters that have raised the concern and pushed us to the forefront of writing Cricket West Indies to demand a copy of the report within some period of time and give us the opportunity to respond,' Astaphan told the Mason and Guest show here.

Former CWI president Dave Cameron.

'I will address the issue of credibility and response to whether the findings and the allegations were justifiable when I see the report and I see what it is that the auditors relied on.

'The president tells us that [PKF] uncovered these things, do you understand the implication of this word 'uncovered'? It means it was hidden from all of the directors including the president and vice-president when they sat there when they voted at meetings and I want to know what was that word meant to mean.'

He continued: 'I've heard talk about questionable practices ... I've heard talk about money-laundering and I just want to make the record very clear ... I'm not accepting that the findings of this report are credible or true ...

'I have grave suspicions based on what I was told by directors and the only way to resolve this issue is for CWI to give us a copy of the report and the opportunity to review it within the context of the minutes and the other...

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