Crew, Gary. Mama's babies.

Author:Applegate, Sarah
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Firefly, Annick Press. 160p. c2002. 1-55037-724-8. $6.95. J

The stern picture on the cover, of a matronly woman in old-fashioned dress surrounded by four very sad-looking children, provides a glimpse into what the story is about. Set in England in the 1800s and based on true events, Mama's Babies tells of a woman who answers ads in papers for "nannies" to take care of babies young women have had out of wedlock. The Mama in the story would take on these babies, but as they get more difficult to care for, she kills them. The narrator of the story, Sarah, is one of these babies, but Mama has "allowed" Sarah to grow up so that she can take over the care of the other...

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