Creatively writing legal.

AuthorWojtalewicz, Theresa
PositionAbout This Issue

"Most editors are failed writers--but so are most writers." T.S. Eliot

When I started college, I began with a major in pre-law with the dream that I would one day be a lawyer--a lifelong aspiration. After my initial pre-law courses that involved many political science classes and a subscription to The Wall Street Journal, I realized that I was not in a major that appealed to my creative side.

To this day, I've never regretted my decision to switch my major to English. I gained essential communication and writing skills as well as an ability to think in a more abstract way that allowed me to explore the minds of many great writers. I knew that I would be able to apply these skills to the business world, and indeed I have.

By the time the editors and I selected the feature article for this issue ("Write like a Fiction Writer"), I knew that Valerie Nelan had captured the essence of the best of both worlds--creative writing and the legal landscape. This issue focuses on the intersection of those landscapes...

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