Creating a Workshop.

Author:Halbritter, Jessalyn

ACA organizes two conferences a year: the ACA Winter Conference and the Congress of Correction. The conferences welcome their attendees from an extensive array of correctional sectors, including health care, mental health, juveniles, security and community corrections. A wide audience of correctional staff and leaders attend the workshops that are presented at each conference. The workshops provide presenters with an opportunity to discuss the latest trends and current issues in corrections in an educational forum. The presentation of a workshop allows an individual to share their knowledge with their peers in the correctional community.

Workshops are conducted in 90-minute sessions and are led by experts in their respective fields. There are nine categories presented: ACA resources, facility design, jails, juveniles, reentry, security, special offenders, staff training and sustainability/green.

All workshops provide continuing education units (CEUs) to the attendees. Health care workshops provide continuing education units (CEs) for nurses as well as continuing education units (CMEs) for physicians and other health care practitioners. Receiving continuing education units allows attendees to earn professional recognition and growth.

Workshop proposals for the 150th Congress of Correction in Cincinnati, Ohio are currently being accepted and can be submitted at Here's how you can submit a workshop for next summer's conference:

The workshop proposal process

The title of the workshop is the first item when creating a workshop proposal. It is the first impression of the workshop that the audience sees, so it must catch their attention but be direct and to the point.

Next is the summary that describes what the workshop encompasses. The summary must include how the topics will advance either the practice or professional development of the participant or the corrections field. The summary is incredibly important because if the reader is not drawn in by the first few sentences then they may be less likely to attend. Workshops that are targeted toward juvenile justice need to be stated in such a way that attendees are aware and that the expected target audience attends.

The learning...

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