Creating News Consumers: Grand Junction Sentinel provides free subscriptions for local college students.

Author:Garcia, Rachel
Position:The A section - Brief article

Newspapers are rarely in a position to give away anything for free--let alone 2,000 subscriptions. As a way to help create a generation of enthusiastic news consumers, the Grand Junction (Colo.) Daily Sentinel recently provided incoming freshman at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) with e-editions to their paper for the year.

The Sentinel has distributed print copies of the paper for years throughout the CMU campus as part of their Newspapers in Education program, but found that today's undergraduate student just isn't accustomed to picking up a printed newspaper.

When CMU students presented the idea of giving away online subscriptions, Sentinel publisher Jay Seaton said that it was an easy ask.

"We want to hit them where they are, not where we want them to be," he said.

Both the paper and the leadership at the university saw the value in a partnership because they could show students at...

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